February 22

3 Great Gift Ideas For Techie Women

Three things that comes in mind when I was asked about gift ideas for techie women: Watch, Bag, and a water bottle. Why? Here’s my explanation.

Watch is very important and a woman looks at it many times everyday. And so everytime she glances at it, she remember you. A bag keeps her things intact and secured and everytime she unzips and zips it, she remembers you. A water bottle keeps her hydrated everyday and everytime she drinks up from a high quality one, she remembers you. All these three are important for a woman, but if she is techie, you need to make sure that you will get the best watch, bag, and water bottle. Hence, this is your hit list:

  1. A leather watch for women
  2. A laptop carrying case that is stylish yet elegant
  3. A stainless steel water bottle

Leather Watch

A Timex, Fossil, Casio or just a simple yet elegant Vintage leather watch is a great present. Many styles can match different suits and the durability is high so the recipient of the gift can use it for many years. You can find a wide selection of styles and brands online but make sure that you get the original ones. Beware of deceptive items.

Laptop Case

There are laptop cases that can be converted to a backpack and I believe a techie woman would love to have that. A Booq Cobra Squeeze or  a Thule backpack would be a great addition to you package of gifts to a techie woman. One great option also is the Kingsons Water-Resistant Anti Theft Backpack. Every techie woman would want to have this kind of backpack.

Stainless Water Bottle

A water bottle is a great item on a techie woman’s desk or backpack but make sure it is BPA Free stainless bottle. Some bottles just look good when they are new but over time, they look dirty and so discouraging to drink up from. Make sure that you get a good one from a good brand like Kingsco, Klean Kanteen or Contigo.

In case you find it hard to choose from the millions of options online, you can run to YGear. They have the best selection of the best laptop bags, watches, stainless water bottle, and other items that are great for gifts. Make sure that you just get the legit items. YGear can help you ease that worry.


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