June 22

How Important is Water in Your Body?

Do you often experience headaches, fatigue, vertigo or migraine? Have you tried taking so much medication already but it seems that none of those really seem to work? Maybe you just don’t notice it, but you are already dehydrated. Most people don’t take this seriously, but having not enough water in the body causes a lot of problems in the long run, which can even lead to death.

People love juices, coffee, soda, tea and other beverages. They often consume it several times during the day. Some people does this because they just like its taste and how it kind of gives them a boost that completes their day. Others are up to the benefits that their drinks are giving them. They are so focused on other drinks that they often forgot the most beneficial drink of all, which is water.

The body itself is designed to complement with water. According to science, the human adult body is actually made up of about 60 percent H2O. In fact, as it was stated by H.H. Mitchell in the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, a big part of the body’s organs is made up of it. According to him, about 73% of water composes the heart and the brain, the lungs 83%, kidneys and muscles are 79% and water and the skin is about 64%. Even the organ that we thought is the driest of all, which is the bones, are also watery. As you can see, water place a very important role in our body. Without it, organs, tissues or even cells will surely not function properly.

Every organ should maintain the amount of water present in it so that it would be able to function well. One way to do that is to drink enough water. Most people are not able to do that since they often drink other beverages instead of it. Drinking other beverage aside from water may quench thirst, but unfortunately it wouldn’t really help hydrate the body. What the body needs is pure H2O and not a couple of grams of sugar or caffeine, which are commonly found in other beverages.

With regards to how much our water intake should be, there are already a lot of speculation about it. Some say 12 glasses a day. Others prefer 3 liters. But generally, health experts say that drinking about 2 liters of water a day, which is about half a gallon, is already a good start for a healthier life. But during hotter days, it is better to drink more than the recommended amount.

Drinking water as much as this is easier to do especially if you are just inside your homes. But when you are outside, your resource for a clean potable water is obviously limited. So in order to keep your body hydrated while you are doing your exercise, going to school or work, or strolling around, it is better to bring stainless steel water bottles with you. Just make sure it is bpa free. Stainless steel water bottles is indeed a must-have since with it, you will be able to hydrate yourself anytime and anywhere you want.

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June 28

Benefits of Using Beard Oils and Balms

beard productsLet every man take note of this, growing a healthy beard can be beneficial on your part! Come along with the best style can make you look more appealing and masculine. Studies also show that most of the ladies are attracted to men with amiable looking beards. Not only that, during the cold season your beard can be a great comfort for you.

Interested now in growing your beard? If so, one of the secrets in growing a healthy beard is by using beard oils and balms. Proper application of oil and balms can greatly benefit the growth of your beard and mustache. Beard oil can help nourish the skin beneath and makes your hair smells good. It aids in avoiding itchiness and dandruff. Beard balm on the other side can provide a light hold to your beard. It has also some contents of oil that can nourish both hair and skin.

Here are some benefits for using beard oil.

  •    Help in avoiding skin itching.
  •    Reduced beard dandruff.
  •    Makes hair soft.
  •    Nourishes hair and skin beneath the beards.
  •    Shines the beard.
  •    Emits good and amazing scents to your beard.

On the other hand, here are some of the benefits of applying beard balm.

  •    Gives beard and mustache full control.
  •    Keeps the beard style on hold.
  •    It can nourish the skin and beard.
  •    Makes your beard smells good.

So, what to choose between the two? This is a brilliant question! But it is advisable to use both. As a fact, you can use both of it to make your beard look more appealing and nice. Don’t worry, you’ll only need a small drop of beard oil to nourish the hair and damp of balm to keep your beard and mustache in good hold all day long.

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June 11

Natural Ways on Whitening Teeth

Teeth WhiteningThere are lots of ways to whiten your teeth, but not all are effective. You can try at home or in office teeth whitening option. But if you want the safest method in achieving whiter teeth natural teeth whitening option is the best and safest way. Natural teeth whitening can be fast or slow depending on the condition of your teeth.

Here are some of the natural and effective ways in whitening teeth.

  •    Eating fruits. Among those crunchy fruits to eat are the strawberries and apples. Strawberry is the best astringent that helps in the removal of teeth stains. It is rich in vitamin C that helps whiten your teeth and clear away plaque. So, when you eat strawberries, take a bite and rub the remaining one over your teeth. Apples are also natural teeth whiteners. As you chew apple, it acts like toothbrushes that remove excess foods and bacteria.  It is rich in malic acid, which dissolves stains. As a fact, malic acid is a chemical present in teeth whitening products.
  •    The use of orange and banana peeling. Orange and banana peeling is rich in vitamin C and limonene. The limonene is known as the natural solvent cleaning agent. It cleans teeth stains when you rub the white part peeling (called albedo) over your teeth. It doesn’t contain citric acid, so it is safe to use on your teeth.
  •    Eating vegetables. As for veggies, carrots are one of the natural whiteners. It is rich in vitamin A that keeps tooth enamel healthy. It also helps your mouth produce more saliva when you chew it. Saliva kills bacteria and cleanses the teeth.

Ultimately, if you want the most effective and fastest way in whitening teeth, but in a natural way, consider teeth whitening treatment in Pure Smile. It offers all natural and safe method of whitening your teeth. As a fact, within an hour or less you can have sparkling white teeth.

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