June 9

Computerized vertical shelving system

vertical lift conveyor

Headland Machinery vertical shelving system.

The system operates in Australian and Zealand with a reputation of servicing and supplying various industrial machinery. The system has gained a good reputation worldwide for many years of experience thus giving its clients excellent services. It is one of the largest and most honored company for its best quality manufacturing of organizational storage systems. It has branches which operate in many countries worldwide.

Why vertical shelving system is important?

Since long goods like tubes, stripes among others need a special type of storage such as the vertical shelving systems. Storage of vertical chipboard sheets requires the use of vertical shelving which provides vertical racking for storage of large industrial products

Customer care services.

With the help of qualified and certified technicians working across all offices the contemptuously supports its clients in terms of quality, affordable, and reliable vertical storage with automated retrieval systems. Our mission and goals are providing reliable customer services to keep performing well in terms of the storage of their materials safely.

Quality service provision.

High standards services are maintained in all branches with the provision of constitutions from the clients to implementation of projects the client demands to be delivered to them. After sale devices also ensures that the customers.

vertical carousel filing system

Carousel storage system

The carousel storage system uses vertically rotating shelves when storing items on the system operator. The system simplifies the work of employees such that they don’t need to move to and fro warehouses searching for the stored items. Special software is integrated to manage and operates the system thus all the stored items can be easily retrieved thus saving time for the searchers.

Carousel storage system benefits

The carousel storage system uses a modern form of computerized technology which simplifies items retrieval time thus making the work even much safer. This, in turn, reduces accident in the work. Accessible transportation means allows faster movements of the stored items thus saving time while in the warehouse. Another advantage of the carousels is that it is easily installed in a vertical space thus saving much-needed floor area. This in turn to maximum utilization of the available space. Hanel provides customized storage systems thus it becomes very effective for all types of users.

Features of the carousel storage system.

The carousel storage solutions is outfitted with several chambers and selves used for storing any small items. Small and relatively sensitive items are safely stored in a special carousel system that ensures that such items are save with minimal risks in terms of picking errors. All the users have an overview of the exact location of the items thus even transporting them is easy even to retrieve. Carousel storage systems significantly minimize the retrieval time and the complexity associated with storage processes.

Efficient carousel storage solutions

Integrated transport system

This has been simplified by the installation of the integrated transport system in the storage system. Operations are highly optimized thus making the production process profoundly cost-effective. The employee health and safety are also taken care of by the fact stored items are transported at an ergonomic height.

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