November 10

Simple Tips to Clean Your Car: Keep it As New

Cleaning a car is simple upon learning the basic practice. For car wash service companies, keeping a reliable service by providing a complete indoor facility will exceed customer expectations.  Each car could have different requirement for varied seasons and weather. Some of the vital ways to do them are mentioned here.

Proper polishing

Your car will always look good when polishing it properly. It might be done with a polish disc or a tool that  will be used to rub some compounds over the surface of your car. You don’t need to apply much pressure to it and a polishing disc will need to be clean as always after use of it. Make sure to properly clean from inside and out Among the cleaning products that can be used are the following:

  • Shampoo for car seats
  • Leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Car Dashboard Protectant
  • Vacuum
  • Detergent for pedals

clean edge carwash

Make sure to read every instruction on how to use the products properly. A soft cloth with the shampoo will begin your cleaning process. Some of the car accessories need to be handled with extra care, such as the leather seat. Then clean pedals, then the dashboard with your product. Lastly, the vacuum will help to take out the dust and grime easily..

Fine-tune the washing equipment

Make sure that the cleaning equipment are fine-tuned. Do it during the holiday to prevent downtime of these machines on the peak season. Adding new equipment will also give you more time to clean the car efficiently without losing your customers.

A full wash will be necessary to remove the abrasive dirt. You might as well look for a lubricant that can be applied all over your car to make sure that the dirt will be soften and easy to clean all over. Upon cleaning up everything, apply the wax.

Car Wash Finishing

A car paint will protect the outer body of the car from harsh weather including other elements so it is even better to buy a well-protected exterior and at the same time make sure to keep it polished as always. Use a proper solution whenever doing a car wash. In the long run, car washers who fail to clean off the car properly will likely cause the paint of the car to be removed.

Clean Edge Car Wash in Australia uses the best carwash equipment to ensure a great service. They will assure to clean your car not only on the exterior part, but on the interior areas just like a luxury car.


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