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What is CBD oil and its uses? 

The government of Ireland has recently legalized cannabis for medicinal purpose, but it also clarified that there’s no further plan to completely legalize the use of the plant for any other purpose.  Many Irish people wonder about what needs to expect from this newly approved law, what is cannabis, and how can this be used for therapeutic purposes?

Cannabis or much known as Marijuana is a type of plant that belongs to Cannabis Sativa Plants. In the past, it has been viewed with negative associations due to its psychoactive component that makes the user high.  A Marijuana plant has hundreds of active cannabidiol oil components, but two main compounds stand out from the list, and that is the CBD and THC.


To simplify, (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound responsible for the euphoric state that user experiences after consuming the plant, while (CBD) Cannabidiol acts as the good guy for delivering the intense relaxation experience.

To eliminate its psychoactive component the plant has to go through a process to extract and separate the good component to produce various types of products for medicinal purpose such as CBD oil.  In The US, CBD oil had recently reported as a billion-dollar business after its government has signed the farm bill law in late 2018, which freed the hemp plant from its ceased of more than 80 years.  A hemp plant is another type of plant to where marijuana also belongs, many refer to it as the cousin of marijuana because of their identical look, except for their color.

The main difference between these two is the amount of THC to which hemp plant only carries 0.3% or less of the psychoactive component, making this the best source for producing a CBD oil in Ireland.

Although many research still needs to be done to prove its effectiveness in the therapeutic field, many had already testified that it had helped alleviate different types of pain and illness.

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Where can CBD Oil help and be use?

*Anxiety and Depression

Aside from positive testimonies from thousands CBD users, some clinical study also shows that taking CBD oil makes our brain more open to a feel-good neurotransmitter that is called Serotonin, which our body process less when we are feeling low.

*Reducing of Pain

When we are physically hurt, signals are sent to our brain through pain receptors. CBD is a binding agent that blocks certain compounds which triggers the said receptor, hence reducing the pain that drives down the unpleasant experience. Also, some medical claims that CBD oil helps reduce inflammations.

*Sleep disorder

At night, most of the people who are having trouble sleeping have unwanted activeness of mind. CBD neutralize brain activity, because of its anti-depression properties, hence helping someone to calm and have ease before bedtime.

*Treatment for Epilepsy

One of the specific illness that the government of Ireland considers upon signing the new law is the treatment of Epilepsy. Other countries who made cannabis legal for medicinal purpose also targets the same specific disorder. CBD is said to be an excellent substitute for opioids and other sedative drugs since CBD oil has no side effect and less addictive.


Although CBD or Cannabis oil is still in its early development, it is hard to deny its miracle since it has been utilized as medicine even in the ancient time. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see CBD oil Ireland or Cannabis oil Ireland to hit the market and cure Irish people anytime soon. Get ready for CBD Ireland craze.

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