October 29

Whitening Teeth Treat for Discoloration

Our teeth are essential as digestion of the food starts from it. Discoloration is common. Yet we cannot avoid unless we know that reasons of having it discolored or totally damaged. Here are the causes of tooth discoloration that you must know.

  • The genetic factor can lead to an inborn character of the yellow teeth.
  • Other physical treatment such as chemotherapy affects the enamel and the dentin too.
  • Poor oral and dental hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing helps remove the dirt, plagues and bit of tartar stains. It prevents bad breath and tooth decay.
  • The vice of regular tobacco smoking lead to discoloration of the teeth, mostly stubborn difficult to remove yet possible through a special whitening treatment.
  • Poor diet basically creates the problem to the teeth. Drinking tea, wine, coffee and sodas on a regular basis may stain the teeth and become yellowish. Also, the consumption of excessive sugar could remove the teeth’s enamel coating.
  • Braces might also leave some yellowish tints to the teeth so a regular maintenance and thorough cleaning is necessary to avoid the teeth stain from it.
  • Aging also lead to yellowish teeth.

With all of these reasons, you might choose to go for an in office teeth whitening available to any cosmetic dental clinics. Teeth whitening are easy with the proper process to undergo. Let your teeth be assessed first and then continue on the treatment process religiously. There are also similar products that can be used at home to maintain these whitening results. One of the Sydney’s cosmetic clinics is Pure smile. Packages and related products are available at the store or online.

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