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Would You Wear a Donald Trump Costume for Halloween? 

Wearing a politically relevant Halloween costume has always been the in thing during election years. However, with Donald Trump’s presidency, the costumes just seem to be going on and on and there is no end in sight. The question of whether you should wear a Donald trump costume for Halloween raises very different emotions in people. Some feel it is disrespecting the president while others feel that it is such bad publicity that got him to power in the first place.

Full Costume of Donald Trump

Reasons to Wear a Donald Trump Halloween Costume

Apart from a few white people, everybody agrees that trump is as scary as hell. Halloween is all about being scary and spooky and nothing embodies that better than a trump mask with a red tie.

While Trump is scary, his face is also hilarious on a mask. The orange skin, terrible hair and pursed lips are just begging to be put on a Halloween costume. Those who will not think you are scary will be laughing their heads off because it’s funny.

There are so many ways to dress as trump on Halloween. There is only one way you can be Batman or pumpkin but there are at least 10 ways to be trump in the market and you can invent your own as well.

It’s time for a change. Enough superheroes. Enough pumpkins and scarecrows. Trump costumes are refreshing and interesting.

Trump Costume

4 Amazing Donald Trump Halloween Costumes

  1. Donald Trump mask.

If you don’t want to pile up on makeup, you can simply go to a store and purchase a trump mask. It’s realistically orange and looks as scary as the real person. Just make sure you don’t get arrested for scaring kids.

  1. Classic dress up.

One of the less scary ways to be Donald is to dress like him. Get a Donald Trump wig, red tie, blue suit and a red hat that says ake America Great Again’. You can get a prepackaged version of this attire or just buy each item separately.

  1. Man baby.

If there is one thing associated with Donald Trump most is childishness. That explains why the man baby costume is so popular. All you need is a trump face n body with a huge diaper and bottle. This costume will scare everybody including adults because the man baby is ugly and angry.


Wearing donald trump halloween costume is all fun nag games until you meet a very passionate supporter or hater. For those who wish to take this route, it’s important to be safe and maybe just stick to your local neighborhood where people know you.

Would you wear a Donald Trump costume for Halloween? Hell yes.it is the perfect costume whether you like him or not. Enjoying the punch line that is Donald Trump is something everybody should try.

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